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Blepharoplasty is a procedure used to add or remove fat and skin form the eyelid. This can sometimes be referred to as an “upper eyelid lift”, however this term is a misconception as the eyelid is not lifted at any point during surgery.

As we age, our eyelids stretch and our muscles that support them are weakened. This is the reason that excess fat may appear both above and below the eyelids, therefore creating sagging eyebrows, bags under your eyes and sometimes droopy upper-lids.

Patients looking for a blepharoplasty don’t always come to see Mr Hassan Shaaban for aesthetic purposes but for medical reasons; the sagging skin around a patient’s eyes can also reduce peripheral vision. Eyelid surgery can sometimes eliminate these vision issues, as well as the cosmetic benefits it brings by creating a more youthful and alert appearance.



Prior to your blepharoplasty procedure, you will undertake a consultation process with Mr Shaaban, your plastic surgeon. This initial consultation will be in Harley Street, London, or in Liverpool. During your consultation, Mr Shaaban will assess your suitability and ask you some questions to determine the perfect treatment for you, so it is important that you are always honest and open about your desires – and also your health and lifestyle.

Mr Hassan Shaaban will also discuss the preparation process with you as you may need to alter certain aspects of your lifestyle before you are suitable for a blepharoplasty. Those seeking this type of treatment are required to be in good health so that they are suitable to undergo surgery.



During a blepharoplasty procedure, Mr Hassan Shaaban will make small incisions along the creases of your eyelids; trimming away any sagging skin and muscle, and removing any excess fat. After the excess tissue has been removed, Mr Shaaban will join the skin with a tiny stitch.

Sometimes the incisions can be made on the inside of the eyelid so as to conceal the scars more easily, which is known as the “transconjunctival approach”. This technique can be combined with other treatments in order to fight signs of ageing, such as laser resurfacing. In general, this type of treatment is used to tackle signs of ageing, such as a heavy eyelid, puffiness, wrinkles and lines.

Blepharoplasty can be performed under general anaesthetic, although local anesthesia for eyelid surgery is very common. The procedure itself takes anywhere between 1 to 2 hours, and most patients will undergo blepharoplasty as a “day procedure”, so there is no overnight stay required.



The recovery period for blepharoplasty is usually very fast and patients will often return to normal activities within 7 to 10 days.

Following your surgery, there will be bruising and swelling around the eyes; these can be greatly reduced with cold compresses. Any bruising should resolve itself within a 14 day period.

As with any procedure, there are risks such as infection, scarring, and, in extreme cases, your vision can be affected. However this is not something you should worry about.

If you would like to book a consultation with Mr Shaaban in ether London or Liverpool please do get in touch. Patients that choose Mr Shaaban as their plastic surgeon for Blepharoplasty can be assured that they will be treated with the highest levels of quality and care throughout ; from consultation through to aftercare.