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Scarring After Breast Surgery

Scarring After Breast Surgery mr hassan shaaban london liverpoolYou are not alone if you have noticeable scars after breast surgery; most women that undergo a breast surgery procedure, whether it be an augmentation, an uplift, a reduction or corrective surgery, will find themselves left with some kind of scar tissue (and sometimes keloids) once the wounds have healed.

Why do we get scarring after surgery?

We get scars when the layer of skin underneath the surface, medically referred to as the ‘dermis’, suffers trauma and becomes damaged. Collagen is produced by the body to help the wound close and heal properly; when collagen is left behind after the skin has healed, this is when a scar is formed.

What are the best ways to treat scarring after surgery?

Initially, some people try natural substances before seeking medical advice about treating their scarring post breast surgery. Below are a few examples of the natural remedies that are thought to help scarring:

natural remedies breast scarring london liverpool

Natural remedies to reduce scarring:

Aloe Vera – The aloe vera plant contains anti-inflammatory properties that aid healing by cooling and soothing the skin.
Castor Oil – Some people use oils to help soften the skin and fibrous tissue. Castor oil won’t block your pores and is believed to help the healing of scars.
Argan Oil – Argan oil originally comes from the Argan tree which is found in Morocco. Argan oil is valued for it’s cosmetic and medicinal properties; it is full of nutrients. Argan oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is thought to help with healing scars and even anti-ageing.
Allergan Scar Recovery Gel – Allergan produce a scar recovery gel that is designed to reduce the appearance of your scars over time.

You are much more likely to see great results when it comes to the healing of your scars if you go to visit a well-qualified professional such as Mr Hassan Shaaban. Mr Shaaban is a Laser Plastic Surgeon and offers both surgical and laser procedures to diminish your scars.

“Scar is the human skin’s reaction to any deep cut or surgery. The ideal scar is a flat soft scar, which has the same colour as surrounding skin. It is a fact that individuals scar in different ways. Some scars are lumpy, itchy, stretched, red, paler or darker than the surrounding skin. Different treatment modalities are available to improve the quality of scars. These include physical massage, application of cream or tape, steroid injection, laser or even surgical revision of scar.” – Mr Hassan Shaaban.

What are the benefits of using laser to improve scarring?

“Laser plays an important role in improving the quality of scars. We have a wide range of different lasers which work on all different types of scars. There are some lasers which target the red colour and itching of scar; other lasers lighten or darken the colour of scars, and some lasers soften and flatten scars. Patients who have cosmetic surgery may benefit from a few sessions of laser treatment after surgery. Laser treatment after such surgery would help to settle the scar as soon as possible or even prevent development of scar problems. Ladies who have breast reduction, uplift or augmentation may benefit from the wide range of the most advanced laser workstations we have at PHI clinic. Laser treatment would blend their scars with normal surrounding skin to make scars least visible.” – Mr Hassan Shaaban.

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