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cellulaze treatment mr haasan

Since its introduction to the UK in September 2011, spearheaded by Mr Hassan Shaaban of Laser Plastic Surgery, Cellulaze is fast gaining recognition as the only effective cellulite reduction treatment on the market.

Cellulite affects mainly women and is caused by tough fibrous bands that are connected to the surface of the skin where women’s fat cells are distributed. As a result of these fibrous bands, the fat cells can become trapped and then bulge causing the dimpled effect.

Understanding exactly what causes cellulite gives the key to what makes an effective treatment. There are many treatments for cellulite reduction on the market but most don’t work long term – they might produce short-term results because either they cause a temporary inflammation that disguises the cellulite or they might promote collagen production that can improve the appearance of the cellulite. However, none of these treatments address the cause of cellulite.

Cellulaze is the result of many years intense research and comprehensive clinical studies in the US. On this basis, it gained approval from the American Food and Drug Administration in January 2012. The treatment works by delivering a laser beam under the skin through tiny incisions. Cellulite is tackled in three different ways; first the laser is directed underneath the surface of the skin to release the fibrous bands that cause the skin dimples, then any excess fat cells are targeted by the laser beam. Finally, the treatment stimulates collagen formation which will help to give a smoother appearance to the legs that will continue to improve over time.

There is no other treatment on the market that gives long-lasting results from just a single treatment. Mr Hassan Shaaban believes in rigorously testing the treatments he offers patients and follow up of his earliest cases has seen no recurrence of cellulite two years post-treatment.

For a safe and effective treatment of cellulite, Cellulaze is able to produce results from just a single, minimally-invasive treatment.