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Cellulite Treatments

cellulite orange peel

Cellulite is thought to affect over 90 per cent of women at some point in their life and there is a great deal of confusion over exactly what causes it and how to treat it. Although exercise and a good diet can help, it doesn’t preclude you getting cellulite in the first place and usually won’t eradicate cellulite on its own.

Cellulite occurs almost wholly in women because of the distribution of their fat cells below the surface of the skin. Fibrous bands connect the skin to deep in the tissue and these bands form pockets that trap the fat cells. Over time the fat can bulge and press out against the skin to form the dreaded ‘orange peel’ look.

There are many treatments that claim to reduce the appearance the cellulite from creams and gels to non-invasive, non-surgical treatments such as body wrapping, endemologie and carboxytherapy. Often there is no clinical data to back up the success of these treatments and although they might have an immediate improvement on the appearance of the cellulite – caused by temporary inflammation – this will usually not last long term.

Mr Hassan Shabaan, Medical Director at Laser Plastic Surgery, is first and foremost a consultant plastic surgeon and believes in only offering patients gold standard treatments that are backed up by credible clinical data and produce consistent results. Cellulaze is the world’s first surgical treatment for cellulite reduction.

Using a minimally invasive laser treatment, Cellulaze cuts through the fibrous bands that are connected to the top layer of skin. Within the same treatment, Cellulaze can also be used to melt any excess fat and smooth the surface of the skin.

During your comprehensive consultation with Mr Hassan Shaaban, he will be able to discuss Cellulaze in more detail and explain what sort of results you can expect from this innovative treatment.

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