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Facial Fillers and Fat Transfer


Who doesn’t want to look young forever? Who doesn’t want to glow like a girl of early 20’s? Surely every woman does and reconstructive cosmetic surgery is that magic wand which can keep your youth untarnished. Facial fillers and fat transfer are the two most effective ways to preserve your beauty and youth.

Facial fillers are injected into the skin in order to fill facial wrinkles and to restore a smoother and younger appearance. On the other hand, fat transfer is the solution to restore subtle volume and shape to certain areas of the body.


Facial fat transfer consultation london mr hassan shaabanConsultation plays a decisive role in case of cosmetic surgery. A good guidance is a must have and should be the initial step.

If you are prepared for undergoing cosmetic surgery, ensure that you see a good surgeon who has both experience and reputation in this field. An experienced surgeon can guide you properly about the pros and cons of face fillers or fat transfer process.

Choosing a well qualified and reputable surgeon such as Mr Hassan Shaaban will ensure that you are in safe hands throughout your entire treatment experience.

The Procedure

facial fat transfer procedure london liverpoolFacial fillers are injected into the facial skin to fill wrinkles, thus softening them. Facial fillers represent a range of products that are used to enhance facial volume; they are not permanent and within time are absorbed in the skin.

The guiding principle of reconstructive plastic surgery is very simple: “Replace like with like.” Mr Hassan Shaaban ensures that issues are restored in the affected areas to get the best possible results that will last for a longer span of time.
Facial fillers add volume to the skin, achieveing a radiant and rejuvenated appearance.

Fat transfer, or ‘fat grafting’, is a procedure which transfers fat from areas in which you have excess fat into areas that may be lacking in volume. The goal from this procedure is to add fullness to the treated areas. Most fat grafting procedures are applied to the face, hands and buttocks. Generally, fat transfer procedures will last longer than fillers.

Mr Hassan Shaaban will take excess fat from your ‘donor sites’. The fat is then processed in a special centrifuge and is re-injected in to the desired facial area. The area where the fat is re-injected is called the ‘recipient site.’


The recovery time for facial fillers and fat transfer will depend on the individual patient, on the treatment specifications, and most importantly on skin types.
A minimum timescale of 2-3days is required to recover after facial filler treatment is done. The skincare regime after the treatment must be followed accordingly. Follow up sessions with Mr Hassan Shaaban at regular intervals post-treatment are also important.
It takes 2-3 weeks to recover from fat grafting and the area can withstand minor stress post-procedure. You can get back to work after about one week, but only if you are following the regime and skincare prescribed by Mr Hassan Shaaban.

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