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How to really get rid of ‘Man Boobs’

If you suffer with gynaecomastia, most commonly referred to as ‘man boobs’, you may have been searching for ways to correct this problem. Gynaecomastia is a common condition that causes both boys’ and mens’ breasts to enlarge and swell so that they appear bigger than the norm.

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Two out of three males in their teenage years will develop some form of gynaecomastia, but most of these cases (up to 90%) will get better naturally over a short period of time. For those that continue to find their breast tissue is enlarged, this can be a cause for embarrassment and anxiousness. True gynaecomastia, which is caused by an obvious enlargement of breast tissue, is different but commonly confused with pseudo-gynaecomastia, which is just an increase in fatty tissue and is found in more over-weight patients.


If the symptoms of gynaecomastia are more severe than just smaller causes for concern, you might experience a firm enlargement of the breast tissue, which can give the appearance of a more female looking breast or nipple.

Exposing the myths that claim to solve ‘man boobs’

Every man’s worst nightmare is to have ‘man boobs’, medically referred to as gynaecomastia. This is often claimed to be solved with weight-loss, but if you suffer with true gynaecomastia, losing weight will not have much effect on your condition. Even if you do suffer with gynaecomastia as a result of excess fat, it is hard to guarantee that losing weight through exercise will remove fat from the target, breast area. Any amount of cardio or exercise will not necessarily solve your problem, so don’t fret if a diet plan or fitness regime fails to help with the situation.

If you look for treatments online to get rid of ‘man boobs’, you may stumble across medication that claims to solve your problem through adjusting hormone levels. Although hormonal imbalances are often a cause for gynaecomastia, you should seek medical advice instead of self-medicating with the abundance of online solutions that you might find.

Excision of gynaecomastia

Mr Hassan Shaaban is a highly experienced plastic surgeon that works from both Liverpool and London locations. Mr Shaaban has vast experience in performing procedures to excise gynaecomastia through male breast reduction surgery (see gallery).

Breast reduction surgery accounts for 80% of the plastic surgery procedures carried out on men in the UK – this proves that it is a very common procedure, and although many patients do not openly discuss their concerns pre-procedure, it is really not unusual at all.

Mr Shaaban uses liposuction as the main technique in most male breast reduction procedures. Liposuction is a very effective method in ‘sucking out’ any fatty tissue in your breast area. There are also often additional incisions required to reshape the nipple.

Although liposuction will permanently remove fat in your chest wall and improve your figure appearance immediately, it is very important to avoid significant weight gain post-procedure.

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