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Laser Alternatives for Abdominoplasty

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It is often said that there is no true non-surgical alternative to a ‘tummy tuck’. Historically, this would definitely be a true statement as non-surgical treatments could not adequately remove fat or tighten muscles. In some cases, still, your surgeon may advise that surgical abdominoplasty is the best option to achieve your desired results, but these days it really does depend on your expectations as there are other options available to you.

Mr Hassan Shaaban discusses Laser Body Contouring

Mr Hassan Shaaban is the leading laser plastic surgeon in the UK. Working from his private practices in both London and Liverpool, Mr Shaaban performs hundreds of surgical and non-surgical procedures every year. We asked Mr Shaaban if he believed there were any non-surgical alternatives to abdominoplasty:

Mr Hassan Shaaban plastic surgeon london liverpool“Laser body contouring has proved itself as a useful surgical alternative to abdominoplasty in some cases. Laser technology has advanced dramatically over recent years. The recent laser workstations that I use are so powerful, but safe, to produce just enough energy to manipulate the fat and overlying skin laxity.

Laser beams can be delivered under the skin to melt the fat and heat the skin from under the surface. The fat is then removed, similar to traditional liposuction, and the skin tightens up over the following few weeks and months. Laser surgery such as this is performed through making tiny incisions; small cuts, which leave nearly invisible scars.

Patients with mild to moderate fat bulges or skin laxity can be good candidates for laser body contouring procedures. Laser body contouring can address cosmetic problems in different parts of the tummy; lower abdomen, stomach area, flanks (love handles) or even the back of abdomen.”Mr Hassan Shaaban, Consultant Plastic Surgeon

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Mr Shaaban is a well-regarded and qualified surgeon boasting many years’ experience.

Every patient that chooses Mr Shaaban as their surgeon is guaranteed to be treated with the highest levels of professional care.

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