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Laser Body Reshaping, also known as lipo-sculpture, is a complex procedure that addresses problems with excess fat and skin on both the face and body. It represents a significant advance on conventional liposuction that can often leave irregularities in the skin surface and a degree of skin sagging once the fat is removed.

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Other advantages include a reduced degree of downtime, in terms of less bruising, swelling and discomfort. The procedure is performed under local anesthetic and Mr Hassan Shaaban makes a few tiny incisions in which to inject the local anesthetic solution. The laser probe is then inserted through the same incisions and laser energy is directed at the fat and skin tissue.

The introduction to the UK of the Cellulaze/Triplex laser workstation, spearheaded by Mr Hassan Shaaban, has furthered the capabilities offered by Laser Liposuction. This advanced system of laser technology delivers three different lasers to maximise results and reduce downtime.

The addition of the Cellulaze laser means that for the first time an effective and minimally invasive treatment for cellulite is possible.

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