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ArmsimageoneExcess hanging skin, with or without excess fat, is a common cosmetic problem for women as they age. It can affect men as well to a lesser extent. The condition is well-known by different unattractive terms like ‘Bingo Wings’ and ‘Bat Wings’ and it very rarely responds to exercise or diet. It can cause much distress and often prevents women from wearing certain tops or dresses.

Commonly caused by the ageing process, significant weight loss and/or hereditary factors, it is usually a combination of all three. Initially, Mr Shaaban will perform a physical examination as treatment depends on whether it is mainly an issue of excess sagging skin or excess fat in the upper arm area or a combination of both. Treatment is also dependant on how far down the arm the problem extends.

In the past, the only treatment option was surgical, but an arm lift, known as a brachioplasty, results in a degree of scarring and so this treatment depends on the patient’s acceptance of visible scars on her upper arms post-surgery.

However, the introduction of the Cellulaze/Triplex laser workstation in July 2011 has meant there is now an effective alternative to conventional surgery. Patient selection is important as it is really only suitable for mild and moderate cases but a Laser Arm Reduction does represent a successful fat removal and skin tightening treatment with no visible scars on the upper arms. Skin quality is further improved by the formation of new collagen in the deep layers of the skin.

The Cellulaze/Triplex workstation delivers three different laser beams to maximise the result and reduce the downtime. The 1440nm laser targets the fat while the 1320nm laser tightens the skin. The 1064nm laser seals off the tiny blood vessels to reduce post-op bruising, swelling and discomfort.
For more severe cases of bingo wings, a Laser Arm Reduction may still be of benefit. It can mean the patient will only require a short-scar surgical arm reduction later or that the condition can be managed by repeat laser procedures.Armsimagetwo

A Laser Arm Reduction procedure is a minimally-invasive surgery which is performed under local anaesthesia as a walk-in, walk-out procedure. Mr Shaaban will photograph and mark the upper arm and then a local anaesthetic solution is injected through two to three tiny incisions. Then the laser probe is introduced through those same small incisions. The laser energy is then directed into the fat cells and the overlying skin. Mr Shaaban does advise patients to wear a compression garment after treatment to get the best aesthetic results.

There are many advantages of a Laser Arm Reduction compared to conventional surgery; it is safer with fewer complications. Any mild swelling and bruising will settle very quickly and there is much less scarring as a result of treatment. However, Mr Hassan Shaaban is a fully qualified and experienced consultant plastic surgeon so he is able to assess each patient properly and only offers the most appropriate treatment for their individual requirements.

With this breakthrough laser technology, plastic surgeons such as Mr Hassan Shaaban now have a viable and successful alternative to conventional plastic surgery with none of the complications associated with invasive surgery.

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