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liposculptureimageoneThe buttock region is considered as the key to body shape. The size and shape of buttocks is interpreted differently in different cultures. Few cultures consider big bulging buttocks are a sign of beauty and feminism. Other cultures look at small rounded buttocks as the ideal feminine look.

In any case, plastic surgeons consider reshaping of buttocks is a challenging task in any race. Augmentation, reduction or lifting of buttocks demands a combination of skilled procedures to achieve the desired result. Reshaping of buttocks involves addressing the two main components of the area; volume of the fat and condition of overlying skin.

Problems with buttock volume can be addressed through removal of fat (liposuction), adding fat (fat transfer) or redistribution of fat, e.g. Brazilian bum lift. Skin of the buttock area may need tightening up, reduction of cellulite or in severe cases surgical removal. In majority of cases, buttock reshaping involves change volume with improving the quality of its skin.

Laser buttock contouring is getting more popular and replacing traditional liposuction as preferred method of buttock reshaping. The unwanted fat is melted by laser energy before it is sucked out. Then skin is tightened through stimulation of collagen formation. Any cellulite in the area can be treated at the same time. In addition, the buttock lines can be re-adjusted or corrected to give the desired result which is usually symmetrical rounded perfect sized buttocks.liposculptureimagetwo

The shape of buttocks, unfortunately, changes with age and after pregnancy. A high percentage of women lose the round shape of their buttocks as a result of losing the fat component of their buttocks or migration of the fat to the bottom half of the buttocks resulting in ‘saggy bum’. Fat may also migrate to outside of thighs ‘saddle bags’ which gives an impression of even bigger bum. In these cases, reshaping of buttocks would involve fat transfer from ‘saddle bags’ or somewhere else to top half of the buttocks to replace the lost fat. This results in re-creation of buttock bulge and pull up the saggy skin; a technique called ‘Brazilian Lift’. This could be associated or followed with laser skin tightening with treatment of cellulite, if it affects the area.

In severe cases, surgical removal of excess skin and fat (buttock reduction) results in excellent reshaping although it leaves scars in the area. Surgery is usually planned to hide the resulting scars within natural skin creases.

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