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The appearance of the knees can be a source of concern for many women, but in the past they’ve been a tricky area for surgeons to treat with invasive surgery. It is hard to hide any scarring on the knee and as the joint is always in movement, the healing process can be difficult and lengthy. Traditional liposuction was also not a viable treatment option as it only targets deep, rather than superficial fat, which is not appropriate for an area such as the knee.

There are two common aesthetic problems that affect the knee; excess fat can accumulate on the knee and can be hard to shift through diet and exercise alone. Gravity can affect the knee as much as the rest of face and body and sagging skin on the knee is very common. These problems can have a serious impact on self esteem and women often hide their legs under long trousers or skirts.

Initially, Mr Hassan Shaaban will perform a thorough physical examination and the condition will be classified into mild, moderate or severe. The presence of cellulite is also a factor that is taken into account and this can now be tackled with innovative new treatment Cellulaze.

With the development of Laser Liposuction, surgeons now have a viable treatment for the knee area as they are able to target the more superficial fat that is present in the knee area. The laser energy also tightens the skin at the same time as the fat is removed so a degree of lift is achieved. As the laser energy liquifies the fat before it is removed it leaves a smoother surface to the skin.

This procedure is performed under local anaesthetic; Mr Shaaban will inject local anaesthetic solution through a few tiny incisions that are placed along the natural skin creases and then the laser probe is inserted through the same incisions. The laser energy then treats the fat tissue and the overlying skin before the liquefied fat is removed. Mr Shaaban advises patients to wear a pressure garment for a few weeks after surgery to get the best aesthetic appearance.

Recent advances in laser technology means that Mr Shaaban is now able to offer patients a far wider range of effective treatments for common aesthetic problems.