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Male Breast Reduction

Hassan Shaaban Male Breast Reduction Hassan Male Breast Reduction london liverpoolOverview

Breast reduction surgery, otherwise known as ‘gynaecomastia, is the procedure to fix what is commonly referred to as ‘man boobs.’ This is a condition affecting around fifteen per cent of men in the UK.

The causes of ‘man boobs’ are not entirely clear, but there may be a genetic predisposition. If other men in your family have developed excess skin and tissue around the breast area, it is more likely that you will too. Essentially, this is a condition associated with raised levels of oestrogen, a female hormone that occurs naturally in small quantities in men. An abnormal growth of glandular and breast tissue can be the result of an oestrogen hormone imbalance in the body.

There are other possible causes of ‘man-boobs’, such as obesity. This can be a problem for older men who gain weight as they age, and as a consequence notice increased fatty deposits around the body, including the chest area. Weight gain is associated with a drop in testosterone, a male hormone, which also creates a hormonal imbalance in the body; this promotes the growth of breast tissue.

Other factors which might promote the development of breast tissue in men can be alcohol, cancer, the use of anabolic steroids, congenital abnormality (birth defect) and dramatic weight loss resulting in sagging breast tissue.  

Diet and exercise may help to reduce breast tissue where weight and alcohol are an issue, but for some men breast reduction surgery is a possible solution to flatten the breast area. Considering a surgical procedure may seem drastic; some men will feel uncomfortable with the idea of surgery, but it is worth noting that twenty one per cent of men in the UK undergo cosmetic procedures.

Breast reduction surgery accounts for eighty per cent of the plastic surgery carried out on men in the UK – it’s really not that unusual.


Mr Hassan Shaaban is a British trained Consultant Plastic Surgeon with more that twenty years experience in the cosmetic field. Mr Shaaban will spend an hour in consultation with you. During that time he will undertake a full physical examination and take details of your medical history to ensure that this procedure is the right one for you. There are always inherent risks with any surgical procedure, so Mr Shaaban will discuss these in detail with you.

It is very important that you come prepared to ask Mr Shaaban any questions about the surgery, your recovery, and any potential complications that might occur as a consequence of the operation. All surgery carries risk and it is essential that you are aware of this before you agree to undergo the procedure.

The benefit of this surgery will come from an increased sense of self esteem and an improved body image, with a permanent improvement to your figure, providing you do not make any significant weight gain following surgery.


male breast surgery procedure london liverpool

Usually, a male breast reduction procedure involves a general anesthetic and takes around ninety minutes to complete. The operation means making an incision around the areola (the dark skin surrounding your nipple) and employing liposuction to remove the fat deposits.

Liposuction effectively ‘sucks’ out the fatty tissue in your chest area. Sometimes, when there is substantial tissue to be removed, further incisions may be made and tissue will be surgically removed, which may leave scars on your chest. This is a more complicated procedure and will add to your recovery time.

If additional surgical incision is necessary, this will have been discussed during your consultation with Mr Hassan Shaaban. If surgery is part of your procedure, it may mean that your nipples need to be re-positioned, in order to create an aesthetically pleasing outcome.  

Liposuction is always part of the procedure, and will permanently remove the fat deposits on your chest wall, improving your figure immediately. It is important, however, that you avoid any significant weight gain in the future, as this will adversely affect the outcome of your surgery.


man boob surgery recovery london liverpool

You will feel some discomfort for several days following your gynaecomastia surgery. This is usually a minor operation, so standard painkillers such as paracetamol will help to manage any pain that you might feel.

You should expect some bruising and swelling in your chest area, which may last for a number of weeks. Some elasticated support will be required around your chest for up to four weeks following surgery, but this will not be noticeable under your normal clothing. A week off work is advisable, in order to allow you to recover fully from the after effects of surgery. It is also advisable to avoid any heavy lifting or rigorous exercise for six weeks following this procedure.

London and Liverpool surgeon Mr Hassan Shaaban is an expert in this field, so any complications following surgery are highly unlikely. If, however, you feel at all unwell you should contact Mr Shaaban immediately, in order to ensure that any post-operative complications can be avoided.

To book your consultation with Mr Shaaban at his London or Liverpool location then please contact his very helpful and knowledgeable team who can arrange this for you.

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