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The appearance of the neck commonly gives away a person’s true age, as the effects of ageing are easily seen on the thin lax skin of the neck and it can be a tricky area to hide. There are two common problems with the neck and often people can display both.

Firstly, a sagging neck is a result of the muscles and the skin of the neck slackening and is often cruelly known as a ‘turkey neck’. When we are younger, the muscles of the neck are taut and keep the area under the chin supported. However, as we age these slacken and this, coupled with any excess fatty tissue, can make you lose definition in the neck area.

The other common aesthetic problem that affects the neck area is an accumulation of fat. The fat can either be localised just under the chin or, in some cases, affect the whole length of the neck, causing the natural angle of the neck to be lost. Although it is more common in overweight patients, it can be also be a problem for those that are at their ideal body weight as a result of genetics.

Traditionally, the neck has always been a more difficult area to treat with invasive surgery, as the ‘foot prints’ of surgery, such as scarring and irregularities, can appear more obvious on the thin skin of the neck. However, the introduction of Precision TX technology, launched in the UK in 2012 by Mr Hassan Shaaban, has made liposculpture of the neck area a viable option.

The Precision TX employs laser energy to remove any excess fat that has accumulated under the chin or along the jawline and, at the same time, it tightens up the skin. Performed under local anaesthetic, the procedure only necessitates two or three tiny incisions so you’re left with much less bruising and swelling and, importantly, the patient is not left with any noticeable scars after the procedure. Mr Shaaban advises patients to wear a pressure garment for three to four weeks after surgery to get the best aesthetic result.

The Laser Neck Lift produces a very natural-looking result and this result will continue to improve over time as the laser energy also stimulates the production of collagen fibres. Although Mr Shaaban is a pioneer in the field of laser plastic surgery, he is also a consultant plastic surgeon so will be able to advise which procedure will benefit you more.

The Laser Neck Lift is transforming the treatment options Mr Shaaban is able to offer his patients.

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