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liposculptureimageoneThe thighs can often be a problem area for women, as fat accumulates easily, even for women who have an overall slimmer body shape. Usually this is caused by being overweight, but the problem can also be exacerbated by genetic disposition and/or hormonal imbalance. Often coupled with cellulite, this means the appearance of the thighs can be source of concern and distress.

Excess fat can be present on both the outer and inner thighs and, during the comprehensive consultation, Mr Hassan Shaaban will identify exactly where the problem is and to what degree; the severity of the condition can be classified into mild, moderate or severe. The problem can be made worse by the presence of cellulite, but for the first time Mr Shaaban is now able to offer patients a predictable and effective cellulite reduction treatment in the form of Cellulaze.

Other options for treating the thighs include conventional liposuction or a surgical procedure known as a thigh lift. Mr Hassan Shaaban has developed many innovative new procedures using laser technology, but he also practices as a consultant plastic surgeon, so has all the necessary experience and qualifications to evaluate patients and offer them the best treatment option to deal with their concerns.

Laser Liposuction of the thighs has many advantages over traditional liposuction. The overlying skin is left with a smoother, tauter appearance, partly due to the laser energy tightening the skin and also because the fat is liquefied before it is removed. Laser Liposuction also results in less bruising, swelling and downtime for patients.liposculptureimagetwo

Laser Liposuction of the thighs is performed under local anaesthetic; Mr Shaaban first numbs the area by injected a local anaesthetic solution through a few small, well placed incisions. Then he inserts the laser probe through the same incisions and directs the laser energy into the fat and skin. To improve the results further he advises patients to wear a compression garment for a few weeks after surgery.

Laser Liposuction combined with Cellulaze means that Mr Shaaban is able to offer patients an unprecedented and effective body reshaping treatment of the whole thigh area.

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