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Precision TX

The Precision TX facelift, also known as the Laser Facelift, is an innovative procedure introduced in the UK in 2012 by Mr Hassan Shaaban.

Mr Hassan Shaaban is a fully qualified and experienced consultant plastic surgeon who offers the full range of facial cosmetic surgical procedures, but in recent years he has spearheaded the development of laser plastic surgery in the UK. He believes strongly that it offers many benefits in comparison to conventional invasive surgery.

The Precision TX technology uses a laser beam that dissolves excess fat and tightens the overlying skin at the same time. For the lower face, in particular, this represent a very safe and effective alternative to traditional surgery as it can eradicate heavy jowls and tighten and lift the jawline.

As it is performed under local anaesthetic, this is a walk in, walk out procedure. As well as dissolving fat and tightening the skin, the laser facelift also stimulates the production of collagen fibres, so over time the patient will see a beautiful and natural-looking result. There is also the added advantage of less downtime and no scarring.

Although Mr Shaaban believes that laser plastic surgery could potentially be the future of aesthetics, as a consultant plastic surgeon he has all the necessary skills and experience to evaluate patients and determine whether they will benefit most from either a laser or traditional facelift surgery.

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