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Laser Lipo VS Traditonal Liposuction

What is the difference between Laser Lipo and Traditional Liposuction?

Laser Lipo VS Traditonal Liposuction london liverpool

Laser liposuction is an alternative to the manual method used in traditional liposuction.

Laser liposuction enables plastic surgeons, such as Laser Plastic Surgeon Mr Hassan Shaaban, to target specific body parts with more ease than when using traditional methods.

Laser liposuction is also known as ‘liposculpture’ or ‘laser body scultping’.

During laser lipo, fat is literally liquefied and melted away in the target area, which is different to traditional liposuction.

What do the professionals say?

Mr Hassan Shaaban London Liverpool

We asked London and Liverpool surgeon Mr Hassan Shaaban why he would use laser liposuction as opposed to traditional liposuction:

“I use the TriPlex/Cellulaze laser workstation which delivers 3 different lasers to maximise the result and reduce the downtime of recovery. The 1440nm laser targets the fat while 1320nm laser tightens the skin.

The 1064nm laser seals off the tiny blood vessels to reduce post-op bruising, swelling and discomfort. Laser Lipo is gaining popularity as it has many advantages over traditional liposuction. Laser Lipo tightens the skin at the same time of liposuction.

This reduces the risk of having wrinkled skin after traditional method (please see the gallery for an example of a lady who had traditional liposuction).

Laser Lipo also liquefies the fat before it is removed. This leaves a more homogeneous smooth skin surface. On top of that, the TriPlex/Cellulaze has the additional advantage of less bruising, swelling and discomfort. Hence, it has the shortest downtime for patients.

Although we advise our patients to have a week of rest, most of our patients go back to normal activity within 48 hours. The TriPlex/Cellulaze workstation is also unique as it performs Laser Lipo and Cellulaze, the world’s first minimally invasive laser treatment for cellulite. It has the advantage of treating the two conditions, excess fat and cellulite, if they affect the same anatomical area.” – Mr Hassan Shaaban.

For more information on TriPlex/Cellulaze, or traditional liposuction please contact Mr Shaaban’s lovely team who will be happy to give you advice or book you in for a consultation.