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Prominent Ear Correction

Mr Hassan Shaaban has performed many Prominent Ear Correction procedures since commencing his Plastic Surgery career in October 1997. Perhaps a more obscure form of cosmetic surgery, prominent ear correction is a procedure used to set back the patient’s ears (or just the one in some cases), if they feel they are too prominent. If this is addressed during the first few weeks after birth in a new born baby, then a splint can be used to reshape the ear without the need for surgery as the cartilage and tissue is a lot softer at this age. People with more prominent ears tend to be missing the natural fold in the ear and these traits are often inherited over generations. The operation to reshape the cartilage in the ear and recreate this fold is called a Pinnaplasty or Otoplasty.


Your consultation will be with Mr Shaaban at Phi Clinic, situated in Harley Street, London. As any reputable Plastic Surgeon should advise, Mr Hassan Shaaban would always ensure that his patients know that cosmetic surgery is a very big decision that is life changing; therefore all those involved need to ensure that it is the right thing to do and that they are comfortable and happy. The consultation process will be vital in determining whether treatment is suitable for you, and the type of treatment you require. During your consultation, Mr Shaaban will give you a full assessment to assess your suitability and expectations. Please do not be afraid to ask any questions that you may have about any part of the process.


During the operation, Mr Hassan Shaaban will make a small incision at the back of the ear so that the scarring post-surgery is easier to conceal. This is usually done under local anaesthetic, although in children a general anaesthetic is preferred. Some patients may also have the size of their ear lobe reduced if they feel that it is too large. This type of cosmetic procedure is common among children, but parents are urged not to push this upon their children with fears that they may be teased and instead wait for them to recognise it as an issue themselves. It is much more advisable to wait until adulthood when an individual can take it upon themselves to address any cosmetic problems and visit a professional and reputable surgeon such as Mr Shaaban.


Following your surgery, a small dressing is worn for around 2 weeks while the wound heals. It is likely that your ears may feel sore for several weeks post-procedure. Mr Hassan Shabaan often advises that a headband be worn in bed so that your ears are not pushed forwards against the pillow, agitating the wounds.

To book your consultation for a Prominent Ear Correction procedure with Mr Hassan Shaaban now, please contact PHI Clinic London on 020 7034 5999.