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Reasons to have your moles removed

The most important reason that we have our moles removed is to rule out any cancerous dangers, usually due to there being some obvious, recent changes with the appearance of our mole/s. If this is the reason that you are having your mole removed then it is likely that the cost of this procedure will be dissolved within the NHS, however, you always have the option to go private if you want to.

The other main reason that we want a mole or moles removed is for cosmetic reasons. This is understandable, because moles can be unsightly and sometimes uncomfortable. If this is the reason you want your mole removed, then you will need to find an experienced medical professional such as Mr Hassan Shaaban.

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Mr Hassan Shaaban is a highly experienced laser plastic surgeon and offers the following types of mole removal within his private practice:

Laser Mole Removal 

Laser mole removal is a very quick option, which involves minimal chances of scarring post-procedure. Laser mole removal is suitable for the removal of moles that are raised above the surface of the skin.

Laser Depigmentation 

If your mole is flat against the skin, and you don’t want a surgical excision, then laser depigmentation is the perfect treatment for you. This treatment is usually administered in three different sessions, with each treatment session being spaced approximately six weeks apart.

Surgical Excision

Surgical excision is also known as ‘excision biopsy’ and is a very effective technique used for mole removal. Complete removal is guaranteed, and the mole is removed with a scalpel. Surgical excision of a mole should always be performed by a plastic surgeon.

Shave Biopsy  

If you don’t mind the colour of your mole pigment, but you want it flat against your skin, then you can have your mole surgically shaved down. This is a great alternative to complete removal. Shave biopsy should be performed only by a plastic surgeon.


To book a consultation with Mr Shaaban to determine which mole removal procedure is right for you, please contact his team on 020 7887 2226. Mr Shaaban runs his private practice from both London and Liverpool.