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Body Contouring after significant weight loss


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Obesity has become a serious problem for many people in the UK. It not only affects self-esteem but also has serious consequences for your general health and well being.

Side effects of being clinically overweight:

  • High blood pressure can result in damage to your veins, arteries and heart, resulting in heart attack, thrombosis or stroke,and is one side effect of being clinically overweight.
  • Diabetes and joint problems are further possible consequences of weighing more than you should.

So…you need to shed a few stone? The problem is that once you have succeeded in losing significant amounts of weight, you will have lost the fatty tissue but will be left with the over stretched skin that once covered it. Following heavy weight loss, folds of empty skin and subcutaneous fatty tissue can be embarrassing, unsightly and uncomfortable. The folds of skin can also become very sore and sometimes infected, which is an added discomfort.

Usually, you will find that these folds of excess skin appear in the abdominal area. Skin hangs here, forming an ‘apron‘ which can be very distressing, both difficult to hide under clothing and a constant vexation. Breasts will sag and droop as a result of a loss of fullness because fatty tissue in the upper breast has been shed. Another area where weight loss is very noticeable is the buttocks, which can flatten and hang loose. The inner thighs and upper arms can also carry pendulous layers of excess skin. It is even possible that folds of skin will develop on the upper back too.

Massive weight loss can have very beneficial effects on your general health and mobility, but it can have damaging psychological and emotional consequences if the body that remains is disfigured with layers of excess skin.

Body contouring is a procedure, performed by Mr Hassan Shaaban, which can help to restore your figure, your self-esteem and your confidence. The technique is likely to involve a combination of procedures conducted over a number of months. The initial procedure is known as ‘belt lipectomy‘ and involves the removal of fat and tissue from all around the body trunk and abdominal area. This operation can then be supplemented by a range of other procedures that can restore fullness and shape to your breasts, buttocks, thighs and upper arms.


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Mr Hassan Shaaban is a British trained, NHS Consultant Plastic Surgeon. Mr Shaaban has more than twenty years experience in plastic surgery and many hundreds of successful treatments are a testament to his skill and expertise. He is highly respected by both peers and patients, and you can rest assured that in choosing Mr Shaaban, you are placing your trust in one of the best surgeons currently practising in the UK.

The initial consultation will take place at PHI Clinic, London, or in Liverpool. Your consultation will take about one hour, during which time Mr Shaaban will take a detailed medical history and conduct a thorough physical examination. You will have the opportunity to discuss any anxieties that you may have and ask questions about the procedure, possible risks and side effects. It is important that you have reasonable expectations of the outcome of your surgery and Mr Shaaban will discuss these in some depth with you.

Your surgery will be tailored to your specific needs and each proposed stage of the body contouring process explained carefully to you. This will ensure that you have a complete understanding of what you will undergo and the period of recovery involved.


The initial ‘belt lipectomy‘ will be conducted under a general anesthetic and usually involves a two to three day stay in hospital. This is a surgical procedure which involves cutting away and removing layers of excess skin and fatty tissue around the circumference of your torso. Liposuction may also be employed to help remove residual fatty tissue. There will be a large, long scar but also a significant improvement in the shape and outline of your body.

Subsequent procedures can be conducted over a number of months following your lipectomy and usually involve breast augmentation, upper arm (brachioplasty) and thigh (thighplasty) rejuvenation, which will further improve your figure.

The completion of the body contouring procedure is likely to take up to one year, depending on your general health and the time it take for you to recover between procedure.


Your torso will be bound in support bandages and dressings for the first few days. Following this, once the wounds begin to heal, you will be required to wear supporting bandages to aid the skins’ recovery. You should expect some bruising and swelling and there will be some discomfort, but standard pain killers will minimise any pain that you might experience.

You should expect to take two to three weeks off work, and not to resume any vigorous activity or exercise for up to six weeks after surgery. This is to ensure that the healing process is well established. It may take some weeks before you feel completely ‘normal’ again.

The likelihood of side effects and risk of infection are greatly reduced when you use an experienced and well-practiced surgeon, but you should contact Mr Shaaban immediately if you feel at all unwell.

You will have permanent and obvious scarring on your body following this procedure, but these will fade with time.

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