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Breast Reconstruction


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Breast reconstruction is a type of surgery for women who have had part of a breast (lumpectomy) or the whole breast (mastectomy) removed, following a cancer diagnosis. This procedure can help you to feel better about how you look, improving your self-esteem and body image. The surgery aims to rebuild the breast in order to match the size and shape of the remaining breast. This may also involve recreating the nipple and areola, usually in a subsequent operation at a later date. Reconstruction surgery actually involves using a combination of procedures, so there may be more than one wound site on your body.

Most women who have had a mastectomy following a cancer diagnosis are able to have breast reconstruction surgery, if they choose it.


One of Mr Hassan Shaaban’s many specialties is Oncoplastic (post cancer) reconstruction of both the face and breast. You could not be choosing a better qualified or more experienced professional to undertake your procedure. Mr Shaaban is British trained, and an NHS consultant Plastic Surgeon with more than twenty years experience in the field. You should be reassured by the fact that Mr Shaaban has conducted thousands of successful reconstructions during this time.

Mr Hassan Shaaban will spend an hour in consultation with you, prior to booking your surgery. This allows him time to examine you thoroughly, to understand the inevitable anxiety you will be feeling, and to discuss your post operative expectations.  It is important that you come prepared to ask questions about the procedure and your recovery, so that Mr Shaaban can answer them, hopefully allaying any fears you may have.

Because surgery is likely to involve a combination of procedures, the risk of post operative complications is increased. However, by choosing a well qualified and highly regarded surgeon, such as Mr Shaaban, this risk is greatly reduced. The situation following mastectomy is unique to each woman, so Mr Hassan Shaaban will explain clearly to you the combination of techniques which he believes will achieve the best outcome for you. Mr Shaaban will also explore any possible side effects following surgery, such as possible numbness in the reconstructed breast for example.


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Reconstruction, as previously stated, is most likely to involve a combination of techniques to achieve the required results. The operation will be conducted by Mr Shaaban using a general anesthetic, possibly in combination with sedation.

Following radiation therapy and a mastectomy, it is very possible that Mr Shaaban might decide that there is not be enough tissue remaining in the chest wall to support and cover a breast implant. Implants are not always necessary, but the majority of cases will require either a silicone or saline implant to restore fullness to the breast.

For this reason, it is very likely that a technique known as flap reconstruction will be employed by Mr Shaaban, to create enough tissue to enable the reconstruction process. Donor muscle, skin and fat is taken from another area of your body, usually the abdomen, although in some cases  the back or the buttock may be donor sites instead. The flap might be detached, in order to form the breast mound. Sometimes, the flap remains attached to the original blood supply, which will be tunnelled up through the chest wall.

The areola and the nipple will be reconstructed using a variety of techniques, usually at a later date, once you have fully recovered from this initial procedure.

Your personal circumstances will dictate which techniques are employed during your breast reconstruction, and these will have been explored thoroughly during your consultation with Mr Shaaban.


Recovery breast reconstruction liverpool

Following reconstructive surgery, there may well be two surgical sites on your body. A support bra or elastic bandage will be used to support your breast, and there may be small drainage tubes in your chest wall to drain any excess fluid away. These may need to remain for between two days and one week, although it may be possible for you to return home with these still in place. Dressings will be applied to other donor sites, where tissue has been removed.

Some post operative discomfort is to be expected, but this can usually be managed with regular pain killers. Most people recover well, but the procedure is more likely to produce some side effects as a consequence of the multiple techniques employed. For this reason it is important to remain in contact with Mr Hassan Shaaban and to ensure that you attend all follow up appointments to minimise the risk of any post operative complications.

If you would like to book a consultation and discuss breast reconstruction further with Mr Hassan Shaaban in Harley Street, London, or in Liverpool, then please contact his team to make arrangements.