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Laser Skin Rejuvenation


laser rejuvenation skin london liverpoolLaser skin rejuvenation, also known as ‘laser skin resurfacing’ is an increasingly popular, innovative way to rejuvenate your damaged skin. Laser rejuvenation is a solution to many common problems; it can battle the signs of ageing, help with pigmentation or discolouration of the skin, treat scars and wrinkles and also help to remove or improve acne.

Why choose Laser Rejuvenation?

Patients come to Mr Hassan Shaaban seeking laser rejuvenation for many reasons. Over the course of time, your skin will be exposed to the sun and pollution; this along with the natural signs of ageing can leave your face looking ‘weathered’ and tired – laser skin rejuvenation is a great treatment to refresh your complexion and achieve a more youthful appearance. Laser rejuvenation is also a popular choice with patients that want a minimally-invasive treatment with little downtime.


When you are looking for a treatment such as laser skin rejuvenation it is important that you choose a well regarded medical professional or, even better, a specialist laser plastic surgeon such as Mr Hassan Shaaban. Mr Shaaban introduced many innovative laser procedures to the UK, and is highly experienced in performing treatments such as laser resurfacing.

mr hassan shaaban consulation london liverpool

Your consultation with Mr Shaaban will either be in Harley Street, London, at the award winning PHI Clinic, or in Liverpool. You will be given an assessment during your consultation to determine if this is the right treatment choice for you, and it is important that you voice any questions or concerns that you may have at this time. Should you decide to go ahead with the treatment, it may be performed on the same day or you might be invited back for another appointment. Mr Shaaban will advise you not to take any medical supplements post-procedure.


Laser resurfacing may be targeting a particular area around your eyes, mouth or forehead, but a full-face treatment is also an option. Treatment areas will be numbed with a local anaesthetic before your treatment, and in rare cases sedation is used.

Laser skin rejuvenation is a day procedure and is performed very quickly (in about 30-45 minutes for small treatments, and up to two hours for a full-face treatment). You will not be required to stay overnight with a procedure such as this, and the downtime is minimal.

There are not many dangerous side effect risks from laser resurfacing treatments with Mr Shaaban, but swelling after the treatment is quite normal. If your swelling is becoming a concern, make sure you contact Mr Shaaban’s team straight away.


laser skin rejuvenation london liverpoolAfter your laser rejuvenation treatment, the treated areas may be bandaged. Your home routine post-treatment will be to regularly clean the treated areas and apply ointment or petroleum jelly to prevent scabs from forming.

Five to seven days post treatment your skin should become dry and peel. The entire healing process isn’t long, but can take between ten and twenty-one days. Keep your skin well moisturized for a good few weeks after your treatment.

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To book your consultation in London or Liverpool with Mr Hassan Shaaban, please contact his very helpful and professional team on 020 7887 2226.