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Body contouring – reshaping the breasts after significant weight loss


Following significant weight loss your breasts can lose shape and look ‘deflated’, sagging and droopy. You can lose definition and outline and your breasts may look more asymmetrical. Natural breasts have a lot of fatty tissue, so its loss can have a fairly dramatic affect on how your breasts look. This can have a big impact on your self-esteem and confidence.

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A range of techniques can be employed by Mr Shaaban to address this problem, and improve your body shape. Procedures that Mr Shaaban may consider could be: breast lift (mastopexy) or sometimes breast reduction or augmentation.

Augmentation can employ fillers or implants, or it could be facilitated by transferring tissue from your abdomen, back or the side of your torso. Mr Shaaban considers tissue transfer as a very effective technique for individuals seeking surgery following significant weight loss. This is because there will be plenty of your own redundant tissue and skin available for use as a natural filler. For example, it may be possible to use some of your abdominal tissue, which is a win/win situation for you, as augmenting the breast makes them both more prominent and pert and also uses excised tissue from your lower body. The removal of tissue from your torso enables Mr Shaaban to tighten the skin around your abdomen, back and sides, improving both your waistline and your breast profile at the same time. Perfect!


Mr Hassan Shaaban London LiverpoolMr Shaaban will want to take a detailed medical history and conduct a thorough physical examination before discussing the options available to you. Surgery will be tailored to your own specific needs and the procedures adopted by Mr Shaaban will rarely be the same for any two people. Mr Shaaban may conduct your breast reshaping as part of a whole body contouring procedure, which could be a series of operations staggered over a number of months, or they may all be performed at the same time. The decision will depend on your general health, on your personal circumstances and what Mr Shaaban considers to be the best and safest option for you.

It’s very important to come prepared to ask questions about the techniques that will be employed and any anxieties that you may have.

The risk of side effects, complications or infections is greatly reduced when you employ an experienced surgeon such as Mr Shaaban, who is a UK trained and practising NHS Consultant Plastic Surgeon with more than twenty years’ experience. You will be in very safe hands.

Most importantly, you must come with realistic expectations about the outcome of your procedure. It’s not possible to restore you to the body of your youth, but the results can be dramatic, effective and life changing. Simply fitting into normal clothing again, will have an immediate impact on your life.


This will be conducted under a general anaesthetic. Any incisions made will depend largely on the combination of procedures that you are undergoing and the volume of excess skin to be removed. There will be significant scarring on your body, but Mr Shaaban will endeavor to hide as many of these as possible in the natural folds of your skin.

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Mr Shaaban will re-position your breasts on the chest wall and reshape your breast tissue, using whichever procedures have been discussed and agreed with you during your consultation. These may include fat and tissue transfer and augmentation, sometimes employing an additional filler. The nipples and areolas will be raised to a more aesthetically pleasing position and the skin around the breasts tightened using stitches deep in the tissue to help to support your new shape.

Surgery may be part of a combination of procedures conducted by Mr Shaaban at the same time, or staggered over a number of months. This decision will depend on your personal circumstances and your general health.


This will depend on the combination of procedures that you have undergone. Staggering the surgery means a faster recovery time between procedures, but a combination of techniques employed at the same time will mean only one recovery period.

In either circumstance, it will be some weeks before you feel your normal self. There will be significant bruising, swelling and discomfort. Mr Shaaban will prescribe appropriate medication to help you to cope with this. It is likely to be six weeks or more before you can resume strenuous activities or exercise.

A surgical bra will be supplied by Mr Shaaban to support your breasts for up to three months after the surgery and you may also need to wear abdominal support if the procedure involved fat and tissue transfer.

Although there will be significant scarring, these will fade over time, and are likely to be much less obvious when you have used the skilled services of an experienced professional such as Mr Hassan Shaaban.