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Techniques for Breast Reshaping after Weightloss

Mr Hassan Shaaban employs the ‘Breast Auto-Augmentation Technique’ when operating on patients that have undergone a huge loss in body-weight.

A lot of changes happen in the breast area after massive loss of body weight. Unfortunately, most, if not all, of these changes have a negative effect on how the breasts look after that. Mr Shaaban explains that these changes include:

  • Breast after weight loss london liverpoolBreasts are significantly low (nipples can reach the belly button in some cases).
  • Breasts look baggy (too little breast tissue within abundance amount of overlying skin).
  • Empty top half of the breast as any remaining breast tissue occupies the lowest part of the breast (only skin covers the ribs of top half of chest).
  • Loss of the cleavage.
  • Nipples look downward.
  • Wrinkled, old looking skin of breast.
  • Relatively large nipple/areola for the remaining breast tissue.

Correction of these significant changes and creation of a normal looking breast area is a challenging task and full of risks. Mr Shaaban masterminds the technique of “Auto-Augmentation” of the breast. This technique involves:

  • Removal of the skin from the whole lower half of breast (whole breast tissue is preserved).
  • Lifting the top half of the breast up to the collar-bone.
  • Uplift and fixation of the bottom half to the tough muscles and fascia of the top chest; under the top half of the breast. Breast tissue is kept attached to the chest maintain blood essential supply.
  • Wrapping the top half of the breast around the uplifted bottom half to create a normal looking, full breast with no need for breast implants.
  • Creation of cleavage by mobilisation of breast tissue into the empty pocket of cleavage area.
  • Reduction of the nipple/areola complex to normal size to suit the newly built breast.

The “Auto-Augmentation” breast uplift technique is different and more challenging than the traditional breast uplift “mastopexy”. The “Auto-Augmentation” technique addresses more than one cosmetic problem at the same time to produce a more pleasing result for the patient.

How long does the “Auto-Augmentation” Breast Uplift procedure take?

Auto-Augmentation Breast Uplift London Liverpool

The “Auto-Augmentation” Breast Uplift procedure takes 2 – 3 hours surgery time with Mr Hassan Shaaban. You will probably be advised to stay for two nights in hospital post-procedure.

A drain will be inserted into each breast for 1 – 2 days post-procedure, and recovery time is approximately 2 – 3 weeks.

The risks of undergoing the “Auto-Augmentation” Breast Uplift are very similar to that of mastopexy, but in the capable hands of a competent and highly experienced surgeon such as Mr Shaaban, the risks are greatly reduced.

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