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Cutting-Edge Technology

Mr Hassan Shaaban uses the most elite and innovative lasers on the market. As Mr Shaaban’s patients, you can rest assured that there is never any compromise when it comes to quality and technology. Mr Shaaban uses gold-standard laser technology to carry out a wide range of face and body treatments, and the results really do speak for themselves.

Laser Treatments using Cutting Edge Technology

Since introducing the latest technologies in surgical lasers to the UK, Mr Hassan Shaaban has performed many break-through laser treatments and gained extensive knowledge in all of his laser treatments

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What laser treatments use the latest technology?

  • SmartLipo, also known as TRIPLEX is a laser by the market leading laser manufacturers, Cynosure. Triplex provides the newest version of laser liposuction technology.
  • Precison TX provides a scar-less facelift through surgical laser treatment. Precision TX was introduced to the UK by Mr Hassan Shaaban, and the first Precision TX procedure was performed by Mr Shaaban in January 2013.
  • Cellulaze (from Cynosure) is undoubtedly a true break-through laser technology, and is also the only aesthetic treatment that battles cellulite through targeting and attacking the structural issues beneath the skin. Cellulaze is the most successful laser treatment for treating and reducing Cellulite; other topical and non-invasive treatments are no match at all for the laser precision and long-lasting outcomes of Cellulaze.

Find out more about the latest technology used by Mr Hassan Shaaban

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