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The results of what can be achieved with laser plastic surgery are continually being surpassed as the technology is developed and improved upon. This is a true Love Story.

In 1960, Dr Theodore Maiman produced the first practical laser, the ruby laser. His work was based on the concept introduced in 1917 by the great scientist Albert Einstein. As with any scientific breakthrough in history, medicine was one of the main beneficiaries of this new technology. Since its introduction, laser was applied to treat different medical and surgical conditions. Nowadays, laser is used in nearly all surgical fields, for example, eye surgery, brain tumours, bowel resection and ablation of throat lumps.

However, there was a ‘special relationship’ which developed from day one between laser and plastic surgery. Laser was initially used to treat unwanted coloured targets in the skin, such as thread veins, moles and tattoo. However, laser applications expanded quickly to cover most aspects of plastic surgery. Laser was applied to rejuvenate and tighten skin through resurfacing and/or stimulation of collagen fibres. It is estimated that billions are spent every year on laser cosmetic procedures.

There were limits though. The burning of the skin surface was always a restricting factor that prevented deeper penetration of the laser to treat the deepest layers of skin or even the fat layer under the dermis. Plastic surgeons all over the world anticipated that day when science would offer that magic technology that would remove this restriction. In 2006, the first generation of Smart Lipo laser workstation was introduced. This new technology delivered laser energy (single laser wavelength) under the skin to manipulate deeper skin tissue and underlying fat. In 2008, the second generation Smart Lipo MPX was introduced. It was more powerful with two laser wavelengths which gave a better cosmetic result.

In 2010, that ‘special relationship’ between laser and plastic surgery changed to a true Love Story with the introduction of the Cellulaze/Triplex laser workstation. This advanced system of laser technology made body sculpture and reduction of cellulite a reality. Cellulaze/Triplex delivers three different lasers to maximise the result and reduce the downtime of recovery. The 1440nm laser targets the fat while the 1320nm laser tightens the skin. The 1064nm laser seals off the tiny blood vessels to reduce post-op bruising, swelling and discomfort. The Cellulaze/Triplex workstation is unique as it performs Smart Lipo and Cellulaze, the world’s first minimally invasive laser treatment for cellulite. This combined treatment enables plastic surgeons to sculpt the body by addressing issues within the skin and problems in the underlying fat at the same time.

Cellulaze/Triplex received the European approval in January 2011 and the FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) approval in January 2012.

In July 2011, Mr Hassan Shaaban introduced the new technique to UK when he performed the first case of Cellulaze treatment. Click here to read an article on this treatment that appeared in the Daily Mail.

Laser technology continues to impress us, the plastic surgeons. In 2012, the Precision Tx technology was used in the medical field to develop the new laser fibre, SideLaze-800. It is the most recent development in a series of laser fibres which have proved over the years their safety and efficacy. It manipulates the laser beam to allow precise well-controlled laser energy to be delivered into the targeted tissue. With additional safety measures on the laser workstation, Precision Tx dissolves unwanted fat and tightens overlying skin. In the face, for example, it means removal of heavy jowls with better definition of the jaw line and also tightening and lifting of skin. While in the neck, it can target double chins and tighten the skin to create a normal angle to the neck.

Mr Shaaban performed the first case of laser facelift in UK using Precision Tx technology. The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia as walk-in, walk-out office surgery. In addition, its natural-looking scarless cosmetic result makes this technology another revolution in the field of laser plastic surgery.

And, the Love Story goes on…