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What is the perfect age to undergo a Facelift?

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The demand for Facelift surgery has risen by 14% according to recent figures from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. With this in mind, it explains why we are seeing much more traffic online researching the Facelift procedure, and an increased amount of patients booking in for consultations. But what is the right age to have a Facelift?

Typically, between the ages of 40-60, the inevitable ageing process causes our faces and necks to sag more obviously as our muscles and skin become weaker, enabling gravity to have a more profound effect. Mr Hassan Shaaban sees patients between these ages seeking further information about Facelift procedures, but interestingly he doesn’t always suggest that they go ‘under-the-knife’.

What do the professionals say?

“Age shouldn’t be the deciding factor to have a facelift. A good healthy life, with good parents’ genes, can keep individuals look young even if they are advanced in age. Facelift surgery is always linked with advanced age. However with the pressure on the younger group of patients to look even younger, we see a drop in the age of ladies, and gentlemen, seeking facelift surgery. 

Plastic surgeons, including myself, understand that pressure. I advise my patients, especially the younger group, that surgical facelift is not always the right answer. Non-invasive or minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are now so advanced that it can rejuvenate the face and correct early aging signs of the face and neck without the need for scalp and scars. Mild to moderate wrinkles, loss of volume and aging skin can be corrected through Botox, fillers or skin resurfacing. 

The introduction of laser facelift technology “Precision Tx” into UK opened another opportunity for significant improvement in face and neck surgery with nearly scar-less results. Saying that, surgical facelift on the right patients produces that younger look all individuals are looking for. The extent of facelift varies from mini facelift to full face/neck lift with blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) to address each individual cosmetic unit in the face. The field of facelift surgery itself has advanced over the recent years. Better understanding of anatomy of facial structures, advancement of surgical technique and introduction of safer anesthetic options allowed plastic surgeons to offer such surgery to a wider group of patients from different age groups.” Mr Hassan Shaaban, Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

More information on a Facelift procedure?

If you are looking for further information on a Facelift procedure, or on the non-surgical or laser facial rejuvenation treatments that Mr Shaaban can offer, then please feel free to contact his very helpful and professional team.

Mr Shaaban sees his patients both in Harley Street, London, at PHI Clinic, and also in Liverpool.